Canal City

Italy is one of the most wonderful countries in Europe. Blessed with amazing geography in the south and right on the Mediterranean Sea, as well as with an enviable climate all-year-round, it is no mystery why millions of tourists choose to go there as their holiday destination. And specifically in Italy, one of the most visited cities in the world is Venice. Known for its fantastic and one-of-a-kind foundation, this ever-sinking city of archipelagos, canals and bridges is the pride and joy of north-eastern Italy. 

Its cultural significance is unparalleled. One of the focal cities of the Renaissance movement, Venice’s history is long and complex. For more than a thousand years, Venice was its own Kingdom, until it was annexed by the Austrian Empire, and later by the Italian Kingdom. However, Venice stood out as one of the first financial centres in the world, being also a world power in trades and wars, which made it a powerful and rich city all throughout its history, not to mention its artistic influence in both the fine arts and music. 

The 9th Century Palazzo Ducale on the side of Piazzetta San Marcos is one of Europe’s most stunning palaces, and one of Venice’s most beautiful sights. It has got a wonderful façade, a mixture of gothic, renaissance and byzantine styles, but it is the inside that must not be missed: the construction made out of Verona’s ivory includes such beautiful spots as the Scala dei Giganti, the Scala d’Oro, the Doge’s Apartments, and the Bridge of Sights, among many others. 

Of the hundreds of bridges crossings all over Venice, the Rialto Bridge crossing the Grand Canal is an unforgettable visit, especially at sunset. Getting down from the bridge, tourists can find the Rialto Market, where they can purchase a typical Venetian Mask, or some other souvenirs to remember their visit. This zone is also surrounded by wonderful and inexpensive restaurants where to try some of the most acclaimed cuisines in the world, like pasta and pizza.

One of the most wonderful ways of touring Venice – and something you cannot do in most other places in the world – is hopping onto a boat, or a more typical gondola, and travelling across the Grand Canal, the main road of Venice, absorbing the amazing buildings all over the city.

Of course, the aforementioned Piazzetta San Marcos deserves an obligatory visit. Nicknamed by Napoleon himself as the Most Beautiful Hall in Europe, it is surrounded by other stunning buildings such as the Ducale Palace, the Basilica San Marcos, the Clock Tower, and the Campanile. This is another excellent place where tourists can sit down and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, and grab a quick bite before enjoying the rest of their tour.

“The City of Canals”, also named “La Dominante”, “The Floating City” or the “City of Masks”, the birthplace of Vivaldi himself, is a place any self-respecting globetrotter must visit. No tourist should resist visiting the most beautiful city in the world.

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